A Revival of the Blog

In recent months I keep getting notifications for comments on old posts of this blog and I’m not sure why!

Just as a back story, I created these series of blog posts for a project in one of my classes while I was studying Human Nutrition at the University of Guelph. That was back in 2011 – I have since graduated, moved to Egypt and gotten married!

The recent comments and followers have inspired me to start making new posts. I’ll keep the name, though I likely won’t stick to breakfast foods. I imagine sharing the recipes I test and create for myself and my husband :). They may not all be Egyptian or Middle Eastern inspired, but it’s a way for me to chronicle my adventures in the kitchen.




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3 responses to “A Revival of the Blog

  1. Fantastic!!! And can we healthy up things too please? And make them Gluten and Lacto free.

  2. Ahalen wa Sahalen! Welcome home. Have you thought about Kunnafa? Molokheeya? I lived in Maadi in the Sixties (yes, I’m that old), visited friends since several times and I can’t make kunnafa the way I remember it. And, molokheeya with chicken? Thank you for the aish baladi recipe. I look forward to seeing your blog again. Cheers!

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